Our pumpkin patches occur during the last week of September, beginning on the 21st through the end of October.  This event includes:

  • Hay ride for all ages.
  • “Introduction to Horses” fun educational tour for all ages.
  • Tour of the Chicken House to meet our special birds, including Daisey, the Pygmy goat.
  • Family fun and swinging time on the oldest oak tree on the property.

Fee: $10.00, includes all the above and a trip to the pumpkin patch with your choice of a small pumpkin. Larger pumpkins available for an additional charge.

Hours: Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 2pm-5pm.

Don’t be in a hurry and plan for a picnic and enjoy the day with your family at The Resting Place.

Its officially fall; the season has changed.  After such a drought the rain is appreciated.  As things progress so will the colors and the cooler evenings, so we will begin to slow down just a bit (we can, you know!)

October will be the beginning of a new season for our family.  We want to share what the land and creation has to offer.  This year we weren’t able to grow our own pumpkins but someone did for us.  Next year I believe we will.  Everything out here is a progression of { I think I can }.

As far as events, you can enjoy our variety of chickens, which includes two roosters.  Also we are so pleased with our newest pets: two silkies and two guineas.  Oh, and our first tom turkey, he lives with the hens.

Ducks that we have raised and have survived nature on the pond.  There are seven now.

We are looking forward to ducklings soon.  The ducks have become so comfortable with us they come to the front yard and expect a little corn for variety.  They will quack so loud you’d think they believe we understand them.  And in a way we do!

An extra blessing: two calves were born this month.

Mr Lowery will take you on a short hay ride to complete the tour.

So when you do come, bring a sack lunch and just spend time being with your family.

Walk, talk, dream, just be.

If you need to accomplish more, bring your fishing rod and folding chair; the lake is full of success.

There is no rush when you get to The Resting Place.

For Groups I will plan something, if needed, for soup or something good to eat.  Just call in advance and we will discuss what’s needed.

We look forward to seeing you this season.

The Lowery Family,

Judith, John, and Hannah