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The Resting Place was born out of sheer obedience to God in order to share the land with the local community and families. The 23 acre property was purchased in 1993 by John and Judith when they first got engaged.
Over the next 14 years they improved the property but didn't take permanent residence until 2008. By 2010 ,the Lowery family planted their first crop of 320 Leyland Cypress trees and they began a partnership with a farm in North Carolina to bring in Frasier furs.

The appeal of the 23 acre estate with its ancient oaks, Spanish moss, rolling hills, and scenic lakes, turned out  to be a quiet venue for weddings and family gatherings. They eventually added birthday parties in the barn with access to a variety of animals including horses in the pasture. Not long after, the pumpkin patch opened, and The Resting Place Retreat created an atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy.
In 2014 John Collins Lowery received his early reward and resides in eternity where there are no limitations. His wife Judith, his daughter Hannah, son-in-law Tyler Emerson, and grandson Levi Collins continue the mission of sharing The Resting Place Retreat for all the generations to come!

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